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Three players have accomplished the feat. Hall of Fame offensive guard Gene Upshaw of the Oakland Raiders played in Super Bowl II in 1968, Super Bowl XI in 1977 and Super Bowl XV in 1981. As a member of the San Francisco 49ers, Hall of Fame wide receiver Jerry Rice appeared in Super Bowl XXIII in 1989, Super Bowl XXIV in 1990 and Super Bowl XXIX in 1995. He was with the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl XXXVII in 2003. The controversial linebacker Bill Romanowski appeared in Super Bowls XXIII and XXIV with 49ers, and then played for the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXXII in 1998 and Super Bowl XXXIII in 1999. His final Super Bowl appearance was in XXXVII as a member of the Raiders.

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Q: Who are the only players to have appeared in Super Bowls over three different decades?
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