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It is Kepler Wessels.

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Q: Who are the only cricketers to represent two different teams during the world cup?
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What do the mascots represent?

the teams.

How many teams represent Dubai in the uae football league?

five teams represent uae fooball

Why do cricketers wear coloured clothing in one day match?

They wear different colours so that you can easily tell the members of the two teams apart. Club colours also have the tendency to strenghten the bond between players and fans.

Who player represent two teams in a cricket world cup?

Kepler Wessels represent two teams in a cricket world cup. He represent Australia and South Africa in the world cup.

Should Indian cricketers allowed to play abroad?

Obviously...Y not..?? India is one of the greatest teams currently and has greatest players in the Cricket history..!!

What does the white jersey represent?

it is the home jersey for the teams

What team do bulldog cufflinks represent?

Bulldog cufflinks can represent the athletic teams for Butler University, known as the Butler Bulldogs. The cufflinks could also represent the athletic teams for the University of Georgia known as the Georgia Bulldogs.

Do the teams get challanges during Super Bowl?

Yes. The only different rules this year are for overtime play.

What football teams do celebrities support?

Celebrities support all teams in football. Some of them support the same teams their friends support. Other people support teams that represent where they are from.

Why do schools come up with symbols for sports teams?

To represent the school.

What 2 states do the teams in the Super Bowl XLIII represent?

Arizona and Pennsylvania.

How many country represent north america in world cup?

6 teams

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