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The JCPenney Classic was a team Golf tournament, with teams consisting of one PGA Tour player and one LPGA Tour player. It was sponsored by both tours. It was held at Innisbrook Resort, Palm Harbor, Florida between 1990 and 1999.

The list of winners are:

  • 1999 John Daly and Laura Davies
  • 1998 Steve Pate and Meg Mallon
  • 1997 Clarence Rose and Amy Fruhwirth
  • 1996 Mike Hulbert and Donna Andrews
  • 1995 Davis Love III and Beth Daniel
  • 1994 Brad Bryant and Marta Figueras-Dotti
  • 1993 Mike Springer and Melissa McNamara
  • 1992 Dan Forsman and Dottie Mochrie
  • 1991 Billy Andrade and Kris Tschetter
  • 1990 Davis Love III and Beth Daniel
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Q: Who are the names of the winners of the J.C. Penny Golf Classic tournament held at Innisbrook Golf Course in Palm Harbor?
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