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For the 2007 season, the Twins have six minor league teams:

1) Rochester Red Wings - International League - AAA
2) New Britain Rock Cats - Eastern League - AA
3) Ft. Myers Miracle - Florida State League - A
4) Beloit Snappers - Midwest League - A
5) Elizabethton Twins - Appalachian League - A
6) Gulf Coast Twins - Gulf Coast League - Rookie

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Q: Who are the minor teams for the Minnesota Twins?
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Minnesota Twins minor league players was born on 1985-05-31.

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Where was the 1969 Minnesota Twin Class A Team located and what were they called?

The Twins had 5 class 'A' minor league teams in 1969 ... 1) Wisconsin Rapids (Wisconsin) Twins in the Midwest League. 2) Orlando (Florida) Twins in the Florida League. 3) Red Springs (North Carolina) Twins in the Carolina League. 4) Auburn (New York) Twins in the New York-Penn League. 5) St. Cloud (Minnesota) Twins in the Northern League.

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