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I'm assuming you mean the Canadian junior WHL? If so, players in this league, as in all three Canadian junior leagues, are not pros and are not paid a salary, no matter what the NCAA would have you believe. The players are paid a standard allowance, their lodging is taken care of and so on. However, there is no salary structure for players as there is in the professional leagues.

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Q: Who are the highest paid WHL hockey players?
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How many hockey players in Edmonton area?

Not sure really what you are asking. There are many minor hockey leagues in Edmonton along with junior and senior leagues. Of course there is the Oilers and their WHL team but really it is impossible to tell how many hockey players there are in Edmonton.

What is the WHL?

The only WHL I know of is the Western Hockey League, a junior league in western Canada. If you are referring to college hockey you probably mean the WCHA, the Western Collegiate Hockey Association.

How much does a whl referee make?

Players in the WHL get almost nothing so I would think that the refs wouldn't get much

How do you get to play in the NHL?

you have to play hockey through university or college and play for a junior team or in the WHL (western hockey league) and you get drafted from there

What are the benefits of playing junior a hockey say instead of western hockey league?

NCAA college eligibility is probably the biggest reason. The NCAA considers the three member leagues of the Canadian Hockey League (the WHL, OHL and QMJHL) to be professional, so any player who suits up in one of these leagues is deemed ineligible to play NCAA hockey. Kids that play Junior A hockey retain this eligibility, and there is a growing trend of players going from Junior A to NCAA to the NHL (i.e.: Dany Heatley) rather than CHL to NHL. The WHL has its own scholarship program, however, offering one full year's tuition for every year played in the WHL. The CIS places no restrictions on the eligibility of CHL graduates.

Should a 16 year old male American Ice hockey player sign into contract with a WHL team?

Yes he should. It produces more NHL players that any other league per capita. Plus, for every year a player plays in the WHL the league pays for 1 year of University after the are finished playing.

What is the top juinor hockey league in the world?

I have no doubt it is the Canadian Hockey League, which is an umbrella organization that helps to operate the OHL, the WHL, and the QMJHL in Canada.

How much do you get paid if you play hockey in the Ontario Hockey League?

Players who choose to play in the Canadian Hockey League, which includes the WHL, OHL, and QMJHL, are considered professional players since they do receive payment for play. Pay is relatively level for the three leagues, with players getting as little as $50.00 each week. This does not include the food and lodging that is given to the players, nor the perdiem that a player may have while on the road, which is minimal or given at team meals. Also not taken into account is the typical agreement of education that is paid for, or will be paid for at a later date, typically at a Canadian university. Once a player is drafted or deemed extremely important to a team does their pay significantly increase. Partly due to the fact that the NHL team that drafted a player subsidizes that players development, and this trickles down to that player.

Do you need to play hockey in high school to be drafted?

The great majority of players drafted do not play high school hockey. Rather, they play in the junior leagues such as the OHL, WHL, and QMJHL. The player would have to play somewhere during high school. Just not necessarily for a high school team.

How do players select what junior league to play hockey in Canada?

If you play in the top junior league in Canada: CHL comprised of three leagues WHL, OHL and QMJHL. You will be drafted in your bantam year of hockeywhen you are 14 to 15 years old, by one of the leagues. WHL gets to draft from the four western provinces and western USA, OHL from ontario, QMJHL from quebec and maritimes.

Who is kale kessy?

A WHL hockey player playing for the Medicine Hat Tigers and was drafted by the Phoenix Coyotes in the 2011 NHL draft.

The Red Wings franchise bought the rights to players from what WHL team to form the first team?

Victoria Cougars