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I know Steve Young and Trent Dilfer both did as starters.

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Q: Who are the former Tampa Bay Buc quarterbacks that have left the team and won a Super Bowl with another NFL team?
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How many former Tampa Bay Buccaneer quarterbacks have gone on to win a superbowl with another NFL team?

Who were the quarter backs in the Super Bowl 2003?

The quarterbacks for the 2003 Super Bowl were Oakland Raiders Rich Gannon, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers Brad Johnson.

How many former USC quarterbacks have won Super Bowls?

None. ---- Through Super Bowl XLIII, no USC QB has started a Super Bowl and won ... no USC QB has started a Super Bowl and lost, either. The only USC QB with a Super Bowl ring is Rob Johnson who was the backup QB to Brad Johnson of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl XXXVII. He did not play in the game.

How many quarterbacks played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and later won a Super Bowl?

Doug Williams Steve Young Trent Dilfer Brad Johnson

Who is the Tampa Bay Bucs back up quarterbacks?

Luke McCown

List of all Tampa Bay Buccaneer quarterbacks?

The 2014 player roster for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lists 4 quarterbacks. They are Alex Tanney, Mike Glennon, Mike Kafka and Josh McCowan.

List of Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl winning quarterbacks?

Brad Johnson.But Doug Williams(Redskins)Steve Young(San Francisco)Trent Dilfer(Ravens) went on to win the Super Bowl on other teams.

How many Super Bowls has Tampa played in?

Tampa has played in one Super Bowl.

Who is the back up quarterback for Tony Romo?

Brad Johnson, former Vikings QB, and Super Bowl Champion with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Who were the first African American quarterbacks to start against one another in an NFL game?

Doug Williams, Tampa Bay, against Vince Evans, Chicago Bears on September 30, 1979. Tampa Bay won 17-13.

Who are the black quarterbacks in the NFL hall of fame?

Doug Williams played for the Redskins and Tampa Bay

How many times has Tampa hosted the super bowl?

Tampa has hosted 3 Super Bowls ... Super Bowls XVIII and XXV at Tampa Stadium and Super Bowl XXXV at Raymond James Stadium. Super Bowl XLIII is scheduled to be played in Tampa at Raymond James Stadium on February 1, 2009.

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