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Chelsea!!!!!!!! GO Chelsea!

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Q: Who are the favourites in premiership this year?
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Who will win the nrl premiership in 2012?

the west tigers were favourites but i think the canterbury bankstown bulldogs

What year did the premiership start?

The year The Premiership started was on February 20, 1992. The Premiership was the replacement for the Old First Division.

What year did the English football premiership start?

what year did the premiership begin?what year did the premiership begin?Answer1992/93 season. The first Premier League champions were Manchester United F.C.

What year did the Adelaide Crows win their first premiership?

Every premiership when AFL started

Who won the premiership in 1997?

Manchester United won the premiership in the year of 1997. During this premiership, they had went against Liverpool and Newcastle.

What percentage of second favorites win horseraces?

19%. 32% of favourites win, 19% of 2nd favourites and 11% of 3rd and 9% of 4th favourites. This comes from a year of calculating so it is spot on.

What year did collingwood win there first premiership?

Collingwood won the VFA premiership in 1896. It's first VFL/AFL premiership was in 1902.

Did the Melbourne renegades win a premiership?

Well It depends not last year but they have won a miner premiership

What year are Liverpool going to win the Premiership?

the year never

In which year did the fa premiership start?


Which year did Liverpool take the premiership?

Liverpool have never "taken" the premiership only Chelsea,Arsenal,Man u and Blackburn Rovers have won the premiership.

What is the average pay for an English premiership player?

an average premiership plater gets about 100,00 each year

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