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2012 world cup will start on 18 September

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Q: Who are the current world champions of the icc t20 world cup?
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What are the 2 main events for cricket?

I think they are the ICC Cricket World Cup and the ICC Champions Trophy

Who is the icc t20 cricket champions?

actually i think India is the real t20 champions because they were the first to win the t20 world cup

What world tournaments are there in cricket?

1)World Cup 2)ICC Champions Trophy 3)ICC World twenty20 4)Asia Cup 5)Chappel-Hadlee Trophy 6)CB Series(Australian Tri Series) 7)Sharja Cup

Who won the icc world cup in 2001?

India won the icc world cup in 2001.

Which team won the ICC women's world cup?

ENGLAND won the icc women's world cup

Where was 1st ICC World Cup held?

first ICC world cup held in England in 975

Is 2011 ICC World Cup Dhoni's first ODI World Cup?

Yes, 2011 ICC World Cup is Dhoni's first ODI world Cup.

Who was winner of 2007 icc world cup?

world cup was held in west indies in 2007. India and Pakistan was out in the group stage in that world cup, the cup was held by ricky pointing's led australian team beating sri lanka in final

Is cricket test world cup starts on2013?

Nope. Its going to start from 2017. It was supposed to start in 2013 but espn, who holds the rights for icc tournaments till 2015 world cup, refused to agree. Hence we will have one more champions trophy in 2013. Here is the Icc schedule 2011 ODI world cup - India, Srilanka, bangladesh 2012 T20 world cup - Srilanka 2013 Champions Trophy - England 2014 T20 world cup - Bangladesh 2015 ODI world cup - Australia/ Newzealand 2016 T20 world cup - India 2017 ICC test championship - ?? 2018 T20 world cup - ?? 2019 ODI world cup - England

Who was the captain of the England Cricket team when they won the 20 20 cricket world cup?

Colling Wood T20 ICC Cricket World Cup Champions (England) Team Captain.

Who won the icc cricket wold cup 2012?

India won the icc world cup 2012.It was t20 world cup.

When the ICC world cup comes?

ICC world cup comes after every four years.It was started in 1975.

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