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Q: Who are the current soccer world champions?
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Current soccer world champions?

lionel messi

When did Champions World Class Soccer happen?

Champions World Class Soccer happened in 1994.

Which country is the current champs of the soccer world cup?

Italy are the current world champions. They beat France on penalties in the 2006 World Cup Final.

Who are the current soccer world cup champions?

Of 2010 it was Spain, beating Holand 1-0.

When was Champions World Class Soccer created?

Champions World Class Soccer was created on 1994-03-25.

Who are the current World Cup champions?

Italy is the current world cup champions (2010)

Who are the world champions of football soccer?

the current world champions are Spain they played against holland in the finals and midfielder Andres inesta scored winning goal in extra time

Who are the 2009 world soccer champions?


Who are the current world champions for Rugby?

Current Union champions are South Africa

What countries is the best world soccer team and why?

Italy are the current World Champions, they won the 2006 World Cup. Spain are the current European Champions, they won the 2008 European Championships and are currently the number 1 football team in the official FIFA world rankings.

Which was the First country to be world champions in soccer?


Who is the worlds reigning soccer world champions?


Who is better at soccer Barcelona or real Madrid?

Barcelona are current Spanish champions.

Who are the rugby champions of the world?

South Africa are the current Rugby Union World Champions

Who are the soccer champions of Europe?

The Portuguese are the soccer champions of Europe, for Soccer. Although they came 2nd in the 2004 world cup, their overall results for their soccer history is outstanding. GO PORTUGAL!!!!!!!!

What team is the current world champions of the NBA?

Boston Celtics are the current NBA Champions as of the 2008 season.

Who are the current cricket champions?

India is the current champions because they won the world cup this year 2011

What are England currently World Champions at?

soccer, i think lol

Who are the current football world champions?


Who is the current cricket champions of the world?


Who are the current world champions of rugby?

The current world champions are South Africa. They defeated England 15-6 in the 2007 Rugby World Cup Final.

Current world champions in lacrosse men's?

the current world campions for lacrosse men's...

Who are the current world cup champians?

Italy are the world champions.

Who won the soccer world champions in 1962?

Brazil won the 1962 World Cup.

Which country is the current world champions of badminton?