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Nicolas Anelka

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Q: What current premier league football players have won the double and the champions league and the European champions?
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What football players have won the English Premiership the Champions League and the European Championship?

Anelka Makelele cant think of any more, sorry scmeichel

Does one yellow card in European football association champions league follow to the knock out stage?

No, players who are short of suspension after the group stage have their yellow cards wiped for the knock out stage.

What current champions league managers have won the competition as players?

one of the three current managers is Carlo ancelloti

Which football players have won the premiership the champions league and been relegated from the premiership?

Christiano Ronaldo

Which is the England highest prized football competition?

Most likely the UEFA Champions League. Whoever wins the Champions League is crowned "Best Team in Europe" and Europe having the best football teams/players in the world, this feat is pretty important to many European nations including England. Unless your including the World Cup.

How many Manchester United players have played against them in the Champions League?

One. Owen Hargreaves not just current players

Which Champions League Final European Cup Final players scored goals on their birthday?

Gerrard Gerrard

What has the author Ben Collins written?

Ben Collins has written: 'The champions' -- subject(s): Interviews, Australian football, Australian football players, Australian football coaches

Who is the current African football player?

there are a lot of African players

Which football players have won the champions league European championship fa cup and premiership?

Peter Schmeichel (CL: 99, EC: 92, FAC: 94, 96, 99, PL: 93, 94, 96, 97, 99)

What current football players wear number 3?

Daniel Backman

How many and who. Title winning players from 1993 to current date have played for the English premiership champions and the Scottish premier champions?

chris sutton, Jiří Jarošík, henrick larsson