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xavi hernandez i think

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Q: Who are the captains of all the major teams in fifa?
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How many captains are on a football team?

Most teams have 3-5 captains, although some have more. For example, the Tennessee Titans had 4 captains in 2011. QB Matt Hasselbeck and FB Armand Hall on Offense, CB Cortland Finnegan on Defense, and reserve LB Tim Shaw on Special Teams. Also (although some teams don't choose to partake) there is a system for captains with a badge with a "C" on their uniform with a star system with a star filled in for each consectutive season as a teams captain, and after 4 seasons, all four stars and the "C" which were originally white, are all colored gold.

Which all teams will enter in to quarter final in FIFA world cup 2010?

south Korea

What do the C emblems on many NFL player's jerseys designate?

"C" stands for Captain.....however, not all teams captains are wearing C's on their jerseys......this is new and some of the teams aren't up to speed and some teams choose not to use this system because they have different captains throughout the year. Tammy D.

All pitchers who defeated all 30 major league teams?

Al Leiter was the first pitcher to defeat all 30 Major League teams.

Which teams have already arrived in South Africa in preparation for the FIFA World Cup 2010?

As of Tuesday, June 8, 2010, all the teams have arrived.

What is the music that is played at the start of all fifa matches as the teams enter the pitch?

It is the anthem of both countries.

How do you be the countries in FIFA 12?

Where you choose the countries to play in there is an option for "international" this is where you find all the international teams.

What team did Richie Mccaw play for?

Ritchie played/ playes for the new zealand all blacks and the crusaders. He captains both teams

How many teams are there in all the major sport leagues?

32 football teams NFL

What teams are in rest of the world in FIFA 11?

Im guessing the same teams that were in the FIFA 10 Rest of World, as EA said they haven't accquired any additional licences for the game, so all the teams will be the same. This means there will be no additional leagues to FIFA 10, but it is possible in '11 to create new teams, and also new league's. So if they dont have the team you want, you can just create it :)

If all teams tie all games in a group stage who moves on in the World Cup?

drawing of lots by the FIFA Organising Committee.

Who was the first team to get out in the fifa world cup 2010?

South Africa all host teams qualify automatically

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