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your mom, she played for my left and right nut

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Q: Who are the black players who played football for wales?
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What four football players have played for England wales Scotland and northern Ireland and their surnames end in 'i'?

Lou macari was one, for Scotland

When was Football Association of Wales created?

Football Association of Wales was created in 1876.

When was Wales national football team created?

Wales national football team was created in 1876.

What events are being held in wales?

If I am correct I think a football match is being played in millennium stadium

Who has played the most football matches for Wales?

Former Wales goalkeeper Neville Southall has the most Wales caps, with 92. He is followed by the late Gary Speed, the most capped outfield player who has 85.

What football ground is in Wales and England?

Nothing is in Wales abd England. They do not overlap.

Are Croatia better than Wales in football?

Yes they are way better then Wales .

What species are only found in Wales?

rugby 'players and foot ball players

Numbers of wales rugby players?

The numbers are decided by the position, not the player (unlike football) Starting 15 are numbered accordingly, substitutes are 16-22 (assuming that's what you mean)

What do the English football fans sing?

They sing "We love you Wales, we do. We love you Wales, we do. We love you Wales, we do. Oh Wales, we love you!" at most matches.

What Irish rugby players are playing in France?

Its yet to be played. So far IRLAND have played Italy and won 29 - 11 Scotland played FRANCE and Scotland lost 18 - 9 Wales lost 30 - 17 to England

Who wears the number 11 shirt in the wales football team?

Ryan Giggs Ryan Gigs does not wear that shirt anymore for Wales - he is retired from international football.