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Q: Who are the biggest shareholders of the Oakland raiders?
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What was the biggest loss in Denver Bronco history?

Today to the Oakland Raiders. 59-14

Did the Oakland Raiders used to be the kc raiders?

No. They were the LA Raiders for a period between the time they were the Oakland Raiders.

When was Oakland Raiders created?

Oakland Raiders was created in 1960.

What years did Bob Cook play for the Oakland Raiders?

he never played for the Oakland Raiders!

Who is the most penalized team in the NFL?

Oakland Raiders

Manager of raiders Oakland?

Al Davis is Oakland Raiders general manager.

Where did the Oakland Raiders come from?

The Raiders franchise history began in Oakland in 1960.

Are the LA Raiders and the Oakland Raiders the same team?

Yes. The Raiders moved from Oakland to Los Angeles in 1982. After 13 years, they returned to Oakland in 1995.

What was the record of the Oakland Raiders in 2005?

The Oakland Raiders 2005 record was 4-12.

Who plays center for the Oakland Raiders?

Currently, Stefen Wisniewski is the starting center for the Oakland Raiders.

What is Jack Crawford's number on the Oakland Raiders?

Jack Crawford is number 91 on the Oakland Raiders.

What is Andre Holmes's number on the Oakland Raiders?

Andre Holmes is number 18 on the Oakland Raiders.