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The bowler with the most test wickets is Glen McGrath but I think the best fast bowlers ever is the 1970 West Indes pace attack

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Q: Who are the best pace bowler of all time?
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Is dilshan a fast bowler?

no he is not a pace bowler at all infact he is a Offspinner

Who is the best Australian bowler of all time?

glenn mcgrath is the all time favorite bowler in the all time.

Who is the best 10 pin bowler of all time?

Shane warne and saqlain mushtaq is the all time best bowler.

Who is the best bowler?

muttiah muralitharan is the best bowler currently but wasim akram and waqar younis is the all time great.

Best cricket bowler of all time?

Shane Warne

Who is the the fastest bowler of all time?

Shoaib Akhtar is the fastest bowler of all time.

Who has played for Australia as medium pace bowler as well as spin bowler?

Colin Miller as well as all-rounders Mark Waugh, Stuart Law and Andrew Symonds.

Who is the top bowler of all time?

That's a matter of opinion. The PBA listed Earl Anthony as the top bowler.

What year was Carter voted the Greatest Bowler of All-Time?

Don Carter 1970 Worlds Greatest BowlerDon Carter was voted the Greatest Bowler of All-Time by Bowling Magazine in 1970.

Who is the best cricket bowler in the world?

Top of the ICC rankings for bowlers is currentyl South African seam bowler Dale Steyn for test matches and New Zealand spin bowler Daniel Vettori for One Day Internationals England spin bowler Graeme Swann appears highest in both test (2nd) and ODI's (4th) which suggests he is currently the best bowler in the world across all formats of the game.

Who is the best bowler in the west Indian team update?

Jerome Taylor is the leading test bowler for WI in the tests.He is ranked 13th by ICC with a rating of 628 points All time best is C.E.L.Ambrouse rated with 912 points at number 6 in test cricket In ODIs Jerome Taylor is Sharing 8th Rank with rett Lee of AUS with 667 points according to ICC ratings J.Garner is all time best bowler for WI in ODIs with 940 points and he is the No.1 By this views we can say at present JEROME TAYLOR is the back bone of WI bowling line up

Can you use Viagra if you have a pace maker?

yes i use it all the time.

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