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the best defenseman in the NHL is Zdeno Chara,Nicklas Lidstrom,Chris Pronger,Sheldon Souray,Mike Green.

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Q: Who are the best defensemen in the NHL?
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Who is the oldest NHL defensemen in the NHL?

Chris Chelios of the Atlanta Thrashers. 48 years young

How many NHL players from Michigan?

In January 2011 there has been a total of 117 NHL forwards or defensemen born in Wisconsin. In addition, Michigan has produced 9 NHL goalies.

Who has the most assists in a season as a defensemen in the nhl?

Bobby Orr (Boston Bruins) during the 1970-71 season finished with 102 Assists

Who are the 5 nhl defensemen with 100-point seasons?

Orr, Coffey, Leetch, Potvin, MacInnis off the top of my head. Not sure if missing anyone.

How many players on the bench in NHL?

A maximum of 22 players are allowed to dress and participate, normally consisting of 12 forwards, 8 defensemen and 2 goaltenders.

What defensemen scored the most goals in nhl 2011 season?

Brent burns and Shea Weber are both tied with 16 goals for the 2010-2011 season as of March 19th

NHL Top 5 Point leaders for defensemen?

1 Bobby Orr 2 Chris Pronger 3 Scott Nedyermier 4. Nick Lidstrom 5 Brian Leetch

What nhl team has most points by defensemen 2008-2009?

tebi wongkwong has the most points because he is really good and Chinese if you don't believe me check the world wide web!!

Who are the top eight defensemen in NHL history?

A list of the top 8 defensemen is subject to immense conjecture, but IMHO... 1. Bobby Orr (also the overall greatest hockey player, ever) 2. Doug Harvey 3. Larry Robinson 4. Nikolas Lidstrom 5. Eddie Shore 6. Red Kelly 7. Paul Coffey 8. Denis Potvin Honourable mention: I've left out Fetisov, who is in the Top 8 of all-time worldwide but the majority of his best years were not played in the NHL. Maybe Al MacInnis, Guy Lapointe to round out a top 10.

Which NHL defensemen scored the most goals in one game?

Ian Turnbull Most goals by a defenceman, one game: Ian Turnbull, 5 (Feb. 2, 1977)

How many players are on a regular NHL team roster?

The NHL allows a team to carry 23 players on their roster. However, most teams only dress 20 and "healthy scratch" 3 players. (12 Forwards + 6 Defensemen +2 Goalies = 20)

Which Montreal Canadian Defensemen had 50 points or more in a season?

Defensemen for the Montreal CAnadians

How many minutes does the average NHL player play during a game?

In a 60 minute game, the best forwards will play about 20 minutes and the best defenseman may play 25 minutes. Less skilled forwards may play 7 or 8 minutes, while less skilled defensemen may play 10 or 12 minutes.

How many people are on a nhl team?

The number of total players on a roster can vary, however, the limit of how many players from each team that can be on the ice at one time is six - three forwards, two defensemen, and a goaltender.

How many defense men are there on an NHL team?

A team typically dresses 6 defensemen in a game, and they are on the ice two at a time in pairs. A team carries 23 total players on its roster but can only dress 20 in a game (including 2 goaltenders), to most teams have a total of 7 or 8 defensemen on the active roster, but normally just 6 in the lineup any given night. There are situations where a team will be low on forwards due to injury and dress 7 defensemen, sometimes playing one at forward, but 6 is the norm in the lineup.

Who are the seven NHL defensemen with 30 goal seasons?

- Bobby "The Man" Orr, Paul "48 Goals" Coffey, Dennis "OWNS" Potvin, Kevin "The Great" Hatcher, Doug "The Man" Wilson, and Raymond "Owns You" Bourque.

What is the best team in the nhl?

The Toronto Maple Leafs is the best team in the NHL.

How many forwards can be on a NHL roster?"Beyond those limitations, the league does not dictate the make-up of a team's roster, though the standard make-up used by most teams for the 20-player game roster is to dress 12 forwards and six defensemen along with the mandated two goaltenders. Rarely a team will use 13 forwards and five defensemen, but it's not overly uncommon for a team to dress 11 forwards and seven defensemen."the link above has a great article that explains the 20-player "dressed list" for games, a 23-player active NHL roster, a 50-contract maximum, and a 90-player maximum reserve list.

Who is the best NHL player now in NHL?

Gustav Nyquist

Is roburto louongo the best goalie in NHL?

This is opinional, but he is widely considered one of the best goalies in the NHL.

What nhl defensemen that has a number above 40 is rick d most like?

i believe that rick d is most like mike green (#52) of the Washington capitals! he has vision, speed, rocket shot, and sick flo plus he drives a lamburginei.

What is the best NHL video game?

The best game can depend on what you have. NHL 2K11 is really good and has great dekes, but NHL 11 is also good and works on more platforms. NHL 12 and NHL 2K12 will be coming out soon so your might want to wait for those.

Who is the best player to score with in NHL 11?

The best player to score with in NHL 11 is most likely Steven Stamkos.

What is the average retirement age for NHL players?

Average retirement age for forwards, defensemen and goalies is roughly 28 years. The retirement has moved forward in the recent years as better conditioning allows players to play to an older age. SOURCE:

Who is brent burns?

The defensemen of the Minnesota Wild.