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Q: Who are the best conditioned athletes in the world?
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Would a well-conditioned athlete have a lower or higher heart rate?

Well-conditioned athletes generally have lower heart rates in the 50's or 60's.

What has better conditioned athletes hockey or wrestling?

Wrestling is way better hockey sucks. They skate around like there the s***t

What are the Olympic games about?

The Olympic games are about bringing the best athletes from around the world to compete in events. Athletes compete for the chance to win the gold medal.

What answer best describes a conditioned response?

a trained response

How many athletes are signed with Nike?

84 coleges throughout the world alabama wears it best

Who are the judges in the Beijing Olympics?

The judges are as diverse, and skilled, as the athletes in the Olympics. They are internationally accredited and trained judges/officials in their specific sport that come from all over the world to have a mixture of the best officials, just as there is a mixture of the best athletes from all over the world.

What explains why even well-conditioned athletes have to pace themselves for athletic events that last several hours?

So they don't' use all of their energy

Why are American Professional sports champions called World Champions?

Because the NFL is the largest football league in the world.

Who are the best athletes?

the best athlete is Monica Selles

How many athletes are athletes are there in the world?

there are 1000's of disabled of athletes in the world, that compete in sports

What is the athletes creed?

AthletesCreed is a code that athletes should follow to be their best. No matter where they are athletes should do their best in the class, in the game, orat home or hanging out with friends. also check out this site.

Why do well-conditioned athletes have to pace themselves for athletic events that last several hours?

so they wont get tired fast. they keep a steady breathing rate and maintain a certain speed.