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So many, Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi

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Q: Who are the Retired US male tennis players in the last 20 years?
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Names of male tennis players over the last ten years?

Roger Federrer, Rafael Nadal, Andy Roddick,

How many players with the last name Reyes are in MLB?

There are 8 active players with the last name Reyes. There are only 3 additional retired players with the last name Reyes so 11 all time

How long do tennis balls last?

30 bagjillion years!

Company who supplied tennis balls at Wimbledon?

Slazenger have supplied the tennis balls for Wimbledon for the last 100 years.

What sport does Jelena Dokic play?

Jelena Dokic is an Australian professional tennis player. She was born in Yugoslavia on 12 April 1983. She has retired in 2012 and in her last year of tennis career she was not very successfull.

List of Retired Canara Bank Executives for the last Twenty Years?

venkatakrishnan s

What has the author Tom LeCompte written?

Tom LeCompte has written: 'The last sure thing' -- subject(s): Biography, Tennis players

Which team has the most retired numbers?

The top two are the Boston Celtica and NY Yankees: The Celtics retires a total of 21 retired numbers for 22 people -- two players wore 18, and it ras retired for both of them. There are 16 former Yankees with their uniform numbers retired. While Jackie Robinson's #42 was retired from baseball entirely in '97, players already wearing 42 were allowed to keep it. NYY pitcher Mariano Rivera is the last active player still wearing 42.

Which is better for professional tennis players wooden rackets or metal rackets?

Metal rackets because they are made of tougher substances and last longer.

How long is the period of a tennis match?

Tennis matches have varying amounts of time. Most professional tennis matches that are played at 2 out of 3 sets last about an hour and a half (plus or minus a half hour depending on the skill levels of both players).

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Broncos are football players in the NFL. Bronco players are from Colorado. Approximately 8 Denver Broncos have been arrested in the last ten to twelve years.

What New York Yankees player is or was the last player ever to wear number 42?

Mariano Rivera is the current player and will be the last player on the Yankees to wear number 42. The number was retired throughout baseball in honor of Jackie Robinson. The players who were wearing that number when it was retired were allowed to keep it.