What sport does Jelena Dokic play?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Jelena Dokic is an Australian professional tennis player. She was born in Yugoslavia on 12 April 1983. She has retired in 2012 and in her last year of tennis career she was not very successfull.

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Q: What sport does Jelena Dokic play?
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Is Anja Dokic related to Jelena Dokic?


Who was the model for Yes or No by John Everett Millais?

jelena dokic

Why did Jelena Dokic start playing tennis?

because she liked to and then she got particularly good at it.

Who was the female tennis player who father was banned for shouting at Wimbledon?

That was Jelena Dokic......she is hot

Name Australian Women Tennis Players?

Jelena Dokic,Samantha Stosur,Casey Dellaqua

What happened to Jelena Dokic?

wat DIDNT hapen 2 her? the poor girl theres just 2 much 2 mention

How much has jelena dokic earned from tennis?

well, from all the money she's earned is about 2 million, in prize money i think. But with all the sponsor ship it could be a lot more.

Who is Jelana Dokic?

Jelana's coach is Borna Bikic

Who are the semifinalists of the Wimbledon Women's Singles in 2000?

The first semi final match was played between Venus Williams and Serena Williams. Venus Williams won the match. The second semi final match was played between Jelena Dokic and Lindsay Davenport. Lindsay Davenport won the match.

Who is Jelana Dokic's coach?

Jelana's coach is Borna Bikic

What nicknames does Jelena Ivanisevic go by?

Jelena Ivanisevic goes by Jelena Mila.

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