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The only mls team is the revelution

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Q: Who are the Professional soccer teams in New England?
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What states in the US have professional soccer teams?

The US states that have professional soccer teams are Chicago, New England, Texas, Washington, New York, Philadelphia, Kansas, Colorado, Portland, Minnesota, Pittsburg, Michigan and Missouri.

What professional sports teams are in New Mexico?

The soccer team

How is New Zealand soccer different to England soccer?

england teams pay more and are way better

What two professional sports teams does Robert Kraft own?

Robert Kraft has been the long time owner of the NFL team, the New England Patriots. He also owns a professional US soccer team called the New England Revolution.

What are two US soccer teams?

Sporting Kansas City, LA Galaxy and New England Revolution are some top soccer teams in the US.

What professional sports teams do not have a city or state in their name?

Golden State Warriors New England Patriots

What are the professional sports teams in Massachusetts?

The Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics, Boston Bruins and New England Patriots.

What are all of New York's professional sports teams?

New York's professional baseball teams are : the Yankees and mets there football teams are : the jets and giants there hockey teams are : the rangers and the Islanders

What are the top 5 MLS soccer teams?

New York Red Bulls LA Galaxy New England Revolution DC United Columbus Crew

How many professional sport teams are there in New York?

There is 3 NFL teams (New York Giants, New York Jets, Buffalo Bills), 3 NHL teams (New York Islanders, New York Rangers, Buffalo Sabres), 2 MLB teams (New York Yankees, New York Mets), 2 NBA teams (Brooklyn Nets, New York Knicks), One soccer team (New York Red Bulls), and Two NLL teams (Buffalo Bandits, Rochester Night hawks). So A total of 13 Professional teams.

Who is the soccer teams of New York?

New York Red Bulls

Who is the New England MLS team?

the new England soccer team is called new England revolution

What professional sports teams does New Hampshire have?

New Hampshire doesn't have a professional sports team.

What are the professional sports teams in New Mexico?

there is none

What professional sports teams are from New York?

There are 10 total professional sports teams from New York. Basketball: -New York Knicks (Men) -Liberty (Women) Football: -New York Giants -New York Jets -Buffalo Bills Soccer: -Metro Stars Baseball: -New York Mets -New York Yankees Hockey: -New York Rangers -New York Islanders

What sport are the New England revolution?


What are NE sports teams?

New England

What are the sports teams of New Mexico?

There is no professional teams but college teams are New Mexico State Aggies, New Mexico Lobos, and Western New Mexico Mustangs.

Which professional football teams are named after the state?

Minnesota Vikings, Tennessee Titans and Arizona Cardinals are all teams for a single state. The New England Patriots and Carolina Panthers are teams who represent multi-state regions.

What basketball teams play in new york?

There are many basketball teams that call New York home. However, if you are talking professional basketball teams, then there are two men's teams-- The New York Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets. There is one women's professional team in New York-- the Liberty.

What is the name of nzs national soccer team?

The nickname for New Zealand's national soccer teams is "The Kiwis".

Why is Nigeria not in the new soccer game?

because it is a bad soccer team and there are better teams to be put in the game.

What professional sports teams that start with an i?

New York Islanders

Does Maine have a Major League Baseball team?

Nope, the only New England MLB team is the Boston Red Sox. In fact Boston is the only city in all of New England with any professional sports teams.

Sports teams in New Mexico?

There is no professional sports teams but some college teams are the New Mexico State Aggies, New Mexico Lobos, and Western new Mexico Mustangs