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Q: Who are the Number 1 nba draft picks for the last 25 years?
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Colleges with most NFL draft picks in last 5 years?

The USC Trojans.

Which college had the most first round draft picks in the NFL in the last 10 years?


What big ten college has the most 1st round NFL draft picks in the last five years?


How many number 1 picks in the 2010 draft do the Cleveland Browns have?

The Browns have 11 picks in the 2010 draft, but only 1 first round pick. It shoudl probably between 4th and 10th overall, depending on whether they win their last game.

How many draft picks do the Jaguars have in the 2011 draft?

Jaguars have 10 picks in the 2011 draft. They have 6 original picks (traded a pick for Smiley) but then they got two 7th rounders (Reggie Nelson and Anthony Smith) a 5th rounder (Quentin Groves) and the Saints did a draft day trade last year which got the Jags their 2011 4th round pick. That equals the Jaguars to 10 picks this year in the draft.

What college football team has the most 1st round NFL draft picks in the last 5 years?


How many draft picks do the saints have in the 2011 draft?

They have their regular 7 picks. But last offseason they traded a player to the Redskins for an extra pick. So they will be probably drafting 8 or 9 players.

How many draft picks do the Cleveland Browns have in 2009 draft?

The Browns have 5 draft picks in the 2009 draft. Rounds 1,2,another 2,4 and 6. They traded the 3rd round pick to Dallas in order to draft Martin Rucker last year. They traded the 5th round pick to draft Paul Hubbard last year and the 7th round pick to obtain DB Travis Daniels. They got the oher second round pick from Tampa bay in the kellen winslow jr. trade.

Why might a team not want to be better than its rivals?

One possible reason - It may benefit from finishing the season last by being given the priority draft picks for next season. If a team is performing poorly near the end of a season, it may well want to ensure that it finishes last to get those best draft picks. Australian Rules football is one sport where the draft picks depend on performance, per the above.

Which college has had the most NBA first-round draft picks in the last 15 years Kentucky or Duke?

Don't know over the last 15 years...Duke currently has the most players active in the NBA (of ANY school). I researched back 20 years (starting with 1988 draft, but not including 2007 draft)and here we go: Duke: 18 North Carolina: 17 Arizona: 14 Kansas: 12 Georgia Tech: 11 Kentucky: 11 source:

When are baseball signups?

I'll assume you are talking about the baseball draft, which is early June each year. The last day to sign draft picks is in Mid-August of the same year.

What is the best cities for basketball?

There is no doubt per capita it is Indianapolis, IN. In just the last three years, players such as Eric Gordon, Greg Oden, Mike Conely, George Hill, Courtney Lee, and Jeff Teague have been 1st round picks (Gordon, Oden and Conely lottery picks) in the NBA draft. Six players drafted in the first round from a city of barely 1.5 million in a span of 3 years is hard to beat. Several more such as Gordon Hayward and Marcus Teague will be NBA draft picks in the near future.

How much do 3RD round NFL draft picks make?

The other answer was clearly incorrect. The 1st pick of the third round in 2015 averages $853,000 per year for four years of his contract. The last pick of the third round in 2015, which was a compensatory pick averages $724,000 per year. The rest of the third round picks are slotted somewhere in between.

Who was last number one draft pick from SU?

ernie Davis

How did browns get 2 first round draft picks?

In the 2012 NFL draft, the Browns have their own selection (4th overall) and the Falcons selection (22nd overall). They received this year's #1 and #4 round selections from the Falcons in a trade last year when the teams swapped #1s in the 2011 draft so the Falcons could move up and draft WR Julio Jones of Alabama.

Who is the number one draft pick of last year for football?

Matthew Stafford

How many drafts has the us had the last 10 years?

None; last draft was Vietnam...nearly 40 yrs ago.

Do new NFL Franchises get the first picks in NFL Draft If not how do they determine when they get to pick?

By NFL rule, expansion teams are given the first selection in each round of the draft. The last expansion team in the NFL was the Houston Texans who began play in 2002. They were awarded the first selection in each round of the 2002 NFL Draft.

What draft picks do the Cleveland Browns have in 2008?

According to this website The Browns would have the 22nd pick in the first round, however, this pick was traded last year to the Dallas Cowboys so that the Browns could draft Brady Quinn. I believe the order for the followings rounds remains the same, so i thing the first pick the Browns get (not taking into account trade possiblities) is the 22nd pick of the second round (not sure tho). Not 100% sure. Here are the 2008 draft picks in order by number for the Browns #22-traded #53-traded #88 #119 #150-traded #182 #217

What is a single-slant snake draft?

A typical snake draft, in which the team that drafts first in round one drafts last in round two is felt to give an advantage to the team that holds the first overall pick due to the drop off in talent for the team drafting last in the first round and due to the team with the first overall pick getting 3 of the top 21 players (in a ten man league.) In the afore mentioned ten team league, the first team gets draft picks 1, 20 and 21 (average 14) while the last team to draft gets picks 10,11 and 30 (average 17) which works out to an average of three draft spots per round (as well as getting the best player in the league with the first pick.) The Single-slant Snake draft is an attempt to alleviate this discrepancy. In the single slant draft, the first two rounds remain as in the standard snake (i.e. 1&20 or 10&11.) However, instead of reverting back to the team with the first pick getting the 21str pick in round three, the draft order repeats from round 2, giving the team that drafted last in round one the FIRST pick in round 2 AND 3 while the team that had the first overall pick gets the LAST pick in round 2 AND 3. In this case, the team with the first overall pick gets picks 1, 20 and 30 (average 17) and the team that drafts last gets picks 10, 11 and 21 (average 14.) This method is intended to provide entire roster equity because of the huge value difference between the first and last pick of the first round. Testing shows that even with the single slant method, the team with the overall number one pick still maintains an advantage, just not as large as in a standard snake draft. Testing also shows that if the slant draft is repeated (double slant draft) for an extra round (team with last pick in first round gets first pick in rounds 2, 3 AND 4, the team with the last overall pick in the first round has an advantage. In summary, the single slant snake draft is closest to balanced of the three methods and the first pick overall still has an advantage, albeit a smaller one.

How many picks are there total in the 2008 NFL draft?

= Mr. Irrelevant to be Chosen Last in NFL Draft on April 27, 2008 = On April 27, 2008, Irrelevant Week founder Paul Salata will announce pick # 255, the final pick of the 2008 NFL Draft (at this time going to the St. Louis Rams), and introduce Mr. Irrelevant XXXIII to the world.

Who was the last person drafted into the US ARMY?

The man with the last lottery number; begin your research with websites: Conscription/Draft Lottery.

How long did the draft of the Vietnam War last?

The draft lasted for approximately 4 years - "Draft Lottery"The "draft number" you received here would have been your actual draft number only if you were eligible for the December 1, 1969 lottery -- which was held for young men born between January 1, 1944 and December 31, 1950. Your birth date would have yielded a different draft number in subsequent lotteries held for anyone born after 1950. These were conducted yearly until 1973, when the draft ended and the United States converted to an all-volunteer military.Ref: DRAFT and conscription was in place for the entire Vietnam War. What you are referring to is the "LOTTERY" system for the 4 years.

When was the last time the draft was used in the US?

The last time the draft was used was during the Vietnam War.

How does the football draft work?

The team with the worst record from the prior season gets the first pick in every round, the Champion gets the last pick in every round. There are 7 rounds, every team starts out with one pick in each round but is allowed to trade those picks. The NFL awards compensatory picks to teams who lost free agent players, teams are not allowed to trade compensatory picks.