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Here is the full list of players in the 2009 US Open at Bethpage Black in New York. (A- denotes amateur) A - T. Alexander

S. Allan

R. Allenby

S. Ames

S. Appleby

E. Axley

S. Bae

B. Baird

R. Barnes

D. Batty

C. Beckman

C. Beckstrom

C. Beljan

M. Bettencourt

R. Bland

R. Blaum

C. Bowden

J. Brehaut

A - J. Brock

A - B. Burgoon

A. Cabrera

M. Campbell

C. Campbell

P. Casey

K. Choi

S. Cink

T. Clark

D. Clarke

B. Crane

B. Curtis

L. Donald

K. Duke

D. Duval

S. Dyson

J. Edfors

E. Els

A - D. Erdy

S. Farren

G. Fernandez-castan

R. Fisher

A - R. Fowler

F. Funk

J. Furyk

S. Garcia

B. Gay

L. Glover

R. Goosen

S. Gutschewski

T. Hamilton

S. Hansen

P. Hanson

P. Harrington

J. Hayes

J. Henry

J. Holmes

D. Horsey

R. Imada

R. Jacquelin

C. Jensen

M. Jimenez

D. Johnson

Z. Johnson

M. Jones

A - S. Kai

J. Kamte

M. Kaymer

S. Khan

A. Kim

C. Kirk

D. Kittleson

S. Kjeldsen

C. Klaasen

G. Kraft

M. Kuchar

M. Laird

J. Lara

T. Lehman

J. Leonard

T. Levet

A - S. Lewis

C. Lowe

J. Lucquin

H. Mahan

J. Mallinger

A - B. Martin

B. Mayfair

J. Mccumber

G. Mcdowell

R. Mcilroy

A. Mclardy

G. Mcneill

R. Mediate

J. Merrick

P. Mickelson

M. Miles

F. Molinari

R. Moore

T. Murphy

A - M. Nagy

J. Nitties

G. Ogilvy

S. O'Hair

R. Pampling

A. Parr

K. Perry

A - K. Peterman

C. Pettersson

I. Poulter

A. Que

A. Quiros

A. Romero

E. Romero

J. Rose

R. Sabbatini

C. Schwartzel

A. Scott

K. Silva

M. Sim

V. Singh

J. Singh

H. Slocum

D. Smail

B. Snedeker

A - V. Snyder

R. Spears

A - K. Stanley

S. Stefani

H. Stenson

D. Stiles

S. Stricker

C. Stroud

K. Sutherland

A. Svoboda

A - N. Taylor

P. Tomasulo

D. Toms

D. Trahan

A - C. Tringale

N. Tyler

B. Van Pelt

C. Villegas

N. Watney

B. Watson

A - D. Weaver

B. Weekley

M. Weir

M. Welch

L. Westwood

C. Wi

O. Wilson

C. Wittenberg

G. Woodland

T. Woods

C. Yancey

A. Yano

K. Yokoo

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Q: Who are the Golfers at the 2009 US Open at Bethpage Black?
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Where is golf us open held?

2009 It is played over Bethpage Black in New York.

Where is US Open golf 2009played?

Bethpage Black, New York.

Where can one play Australian Open golf?

One can play Australian open golf in the following areas: Pebble Beach, Bethpage Black, Pinehurst No.2, Torrey Pines Golf Course, Chambers Bay, Erin Hills, The Homestead.

Does New York have any famous golf course that the PGA play on?

Oak Hill where the 2003 Tour Championship, Winged Foot 1997 Tour Championship, and the Bethpage State Park 2009 US Open.

What golfers have won The Open at Royal Lytham?

sandy lyle!

Of all he tournaments in the professional golfers association which four are considered the majors?

The Masters, The US Open, The Open and PGA Championship.

Do both men and women golfers participate in the Scottish Open golf tournament?

Yes they do

Who were the first father and son golfers to make the cut in the US Open?

Joe Kirkwood

What four tournaments make up a golfers grand slam?

The Masters, the open championship, the USPGA championship and the US open. Though not in that order.

Which course was the US Open played on during the first year that no amateur golfers made the cut?

The Country Club

How many US Opens has Tiger Woods won?

3 so far: 2000 US Open at Pebble Beach Golf Links, Monterey, California 2002 US Open at Bethpage State Park (Black Course), Farmingdale, New York 2008 US Open at Torrey Pines Golf Club, La Jolla, California

Will Tiger Woods play in the buick open in 2009?

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