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Kanu scored the only goal in the 2008 FA Cup final for Portsmouth against Cardiff City at Wembley.

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Q: Who are the Goal scorers for 2oo8 FA cup final?
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Who were the goal scorers in the 1968 European cup Final??

1980 cup final goal scorers?

Just the one: Trevor Brooking.

Who were the goal scorers in the 1987 full members cup final?

Colin Hendry scored the winner and only goal for Blackburn five minutes from time.

What are the Fa cup final goal scorers with club names?

FA Cup Final Year / Team Name / Goal Scorers 2008 FA Cup / Portsmouth / Nwankwo Kanu 2007 FA Cup / Chelsea / Didier Drogba 2006 FA Cup / Liverpool / Djbril Cisse , Steven Gerrard (2) West Ham / Jamie Carragher (OG), Paul Konchesky, Dean Aston

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What are the names of the players who scored goals in the 1966 world cup final?

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Who has scored the most goals for Argentina in the FIFA World Cup?

The top goal scorers at the world cup for Argentina are hernen Crespo and Gabriel Batistuta.

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The country to score the most goals in a world cup is most likely Brazil.

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