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The names of all Australian Olympic Track and Field gold medallists are:- Marjorie Jackson, Shirley Strickland De La Hunty, Betty Cuthbert, Maureen Caird, Fleur Mellor, Norma Croker, Glenis Nunn, Debbie Flintoff-King, Catherine Freeman, Steve Hooker, Ralph Doubell, Herb Elliott, John Winter, Nick Winter, and Edwin Flack. Stan Rowley also won an Olympic gold medal in 1900. He represented Australia in the sprints, and Great Britain in the cross-country for which he was awarded gold. For that matter, Australia was federated in 1901, five years after Flack's victories, and after federation continued to operate at the Olympics as AUSTRALASIA, i.e. combined with New Zealand. In all, 256 Australians are proud bearers of Olympic Gold Medal, but in track and field, they are the hardest medals of all to win. All honour to our 16 Olympic track and field gold medallists. Tony Nemaric

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For 2012 the 7 Gold Medalist event's 18 athletes are

Cate Campbell, Alicia Coutts, Brittany Elmslie, Yolane Kukla, Melanie Schlanger, Emily Seebohm, & Libby Trickett Swimming Women's 4 × 100 m freestyle relay

Tom Slingsby Sailing Laser class

Anna Meares Cycling Women's sprint

Sally Pearson Athletics Women's 100 metres hurdles

Iain Jensen & Nathan Outteridge Sailing 49er class

Jacob Clear, David Smith, Tate Smith, & Murray Stewart Canoeing K-4 1000 m

Malcolm Page & Mathew Belcher Sailing 470 class

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One Australian Olympic gold medalist is Steven Hooker in the pole vault. He also holds the olympic pole vault record.

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Q: Who are the Australian olympic gold medal winners from?
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