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NFC: George Halas

AFC: Lamar Hunt

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Q: Who are the AFC and NFC championship trophies named after?
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Who lost the AFC and NFC conference championship games this year?

AFC: Jets NFC: Vikings

Will the Vikings win the AFC Championship game?

No. Because they are on NFC not AFC!

How many AFC and NFC championship games have the Pittsburgh Steelers won?

The Steelers won eight AFC championship games in their history. They have never played in the NFC.

What channel is the AFC championship broadcast?

what channel is the nfc championship on

If you win the NFC championship game where can you go?

if you win the championship game for the NFC, you go to the super bowl vs. the AFC champion

Did the Atlanta Falcons ever win a AFC championship ring?

No they can't. The Atlanta Falcons are a NFC team and won the NFC championship in 1998.

When was the last time Green Bay went to the AFC championship?

Green Bay, being in the NFC, has never appeared in an AFC championship game.

What is the time of the AFC and NFC championship games?

Jan 24, 2010 AFC: 12:00 PM ET NFC: 6:00 PM ET

How many NFC championship games have the Buffalo Bills played in?

zero ---------- The Buffalo Bills are in the AFC, so they would never be in the NFC Championship Game.

When is the AFC NFC Championship games in 2009?

Sunday January 18, 2009

Have the saints ever played in an AFC championship game?

No, because they are a NFC Team.

What are the names of the divisions in the NFL?

AFC- AFC east, AFC west, AFC north, AFC south NFC- NFC east, NFC west, NFC north, NFC south