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The highest paid players in Arsenal are , not in order Cesc fabregas, samir nasri, Robin van Persie, Andreiy Arshavin and Theo walcott.

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Q: Who are the 5 most paid players in arsenal and how much do they earn?
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How much is arsenal players age?

the average age of arsenal players is 21-36.

How much has arsenal spent on players this season?

about £1.66

How much does van persie earn playing for arsenal fc?


How much do arsenal each players get per week?

Arsenal players get payed different amounts each game depending on scores or the way they play or if they are in a decent contract

How much money does arsenal fc have to spend on new players?

6.5 billion

How much does arsenal pay gael clichy?

With Ashley Cole gone (Arsenal's previous left-back), Clichy plays just about every game for Arsenal. In fact, along with players such as Manuel Almunia, Gael Clichy gets close to the most (or even the most) appearances in the Arsenal squad each season.

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How much money does samir nasri of arsenal fc earn per week?

37500 pounds a week

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how much did proffisonal players earn in the 1096

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