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Reece fairhurst , Dean Jones, Darryn Apollis, Ryan Alcock and stephan Edwards

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Q: Who are the 5 most capped England rugby players?
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Who is England's most capped rugby player?

Jason Leonard

Who is England's most capped rugby league player?


Who is the world's most capped rugby prop?

Believe it to be England Jason Lenard.

Who has most registered players rugby or hockey?

England RFU has the most

Which country most rugby players world?

England have the most registered players with 2.5 million

Which football club has produced the most England players and how many?

Aston Villa top the list, and by some distance, with 71 players having been capped for England while playing for The Villa. The latest two players were Darren Bent, number 70 and Stuart Downing, number 71.

Who is New Zealand's most capped Rugby player?

Sean Fitzpatrick

Who is the most capped Irish Woman Rugby Player?

Fiona Steed??

To date who is Scotland's most capped rugby player?

gavin hastings

Who is the most capped nz player in rugby league?

Ruben Wiki

Most capped England footballer at international level?

The most capped England international player is Peter Shilton with 125 Caps.

Most capped French rugby center?

Joseph Moores with 114 caps