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fabien Izoird

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โˆ™ 2011-09-16 14:59:01
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Q: Who are some famous french supercross riders?
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What are some famous horseback riders?

It really depends. Do you want English riders or western riders? A famous western rider is Clatan Ryder. I do not know any English.

Who are some famous bull riders?

bill picket

Names of famous female horse riders?

Some famous well known female horse-riders are..Ellen WhitakerPippa FunnelMary KingKaren O'ConnorAnky van GrunsvenElizabeth AshtonMegan VarneyHope some of these has helped you (: satu231 (:

Who are some famous legendary Canadian dirt bike riders?

Andy bell

What are some famous horse riders?

pippa funnel is a famous rider along with Ellen whitaker and Megan varney

Who are some famous French immigrants?

One famous French immigrant is Jean-Pierre Bacri. Also, some other famous French immigrants are: Isabelle Adjani, Jean Benguigui and Richard Berry.

What is the difference between supercross and motocross?

Supercross= usually races inside stadiums, unless it takes place at a speedway, like at the Daytona supercross. Supercross utilizes a single race format, meaning one final moto. To get to this final moto, the riders must qualify through a series of heat races. Supercross is fast, tight and technical. They have big jumps and rythem sections. Supercross usually races on Saturday nights... Motocross= Motocross races are held on tracks that are permanent, meaning, it isn't torn down after every race, like a supercross track is. The track is longer, wider, and most of them have natural terrain. A lot of outdoor tracks have hills and tricky sections, like sand or off camber corners. They have some big jumps. Motocross uses a 2 moto format. Like supercross, a rider must qualify through a series of heat races. Like I said before the motocross series uses a 2 moto format. The winner is determined with the best overall score. Motocross races are usually held on Sunday afternoons....

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Who are some famous french sport people?


Who are some famous French Olympians?

andrione baton

Who are some famous French athletes?

George Fattoush

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speaking french, wine and cheese, and eating escargot.

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