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In England, the most famous Honduran player is probably Wilson Palacios, who plays for Tottenham Hotspur in the Premiership. Also Figueroa and Hendry Thomas, who both play for Wigan Athletic. Another prominent player around the world is Carlos Pavon, who has played in the Spanish leagues, Serie A and in the MLS.

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there have not been many foumous players but El Salvador did have one of the greatest players in the world who was jorge "el magico" gonzalez. he was not recognized world wide but he did score goals against the best clubs in the world and he was characterized as having the playing style of Diego armando maradona. noted that the argentine soccer idol has said that jorge gonzalez was the player that played most like him during his time. they also did play together in a game..... right now the most famous salvadorian soccer player is Arturo Alvarez who curently plays for the san Jose earthquaque in the united states.

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David Suazo is one of they're current captions and currently won the scudetto in the Serie A with Internazionale.

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some famous footballers from Honduras are : Maynor figeuroa Wigna LB, Wilson Palacios Tothenham CM, Humberto Suazo, Inter milan ST

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Q: Who are some famous Honduran soccer players?
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