Who are some Christian college basketball players?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Two devout Christian NBA Basketball players who came to mind are Jeremy Lin and NBA Hall of Famer David Robinson, who retired in 2003.

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Q: Who are some Christian college basketball players?
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Who are the players in basketball?

there are many players in the NBA and college basketball. Some of the well known players are:Micheal Jordan , Magic Jonhson , and Kobe Bryant.

What do college basketball players wear on their arm?

Some people wear sweatbands or wristbands, but not everyone does.

Do players get paid in college basketball?

College players are not suppose to receive revenue for playing ball. However perhaps some are secretly being payed "under the table" illegally by boosters. If they are caught they will be kicked out.

Who were some of the popular players in basketball?

i am

How much education do you need to become a perfectional basketball player?

You do not need any education. Other than basketball knowledge, there is no education required. Thus, some NBA players do not have a college degree.

Do basketball players like the fans?

some do, some don't

What sport does Chris Walker play?

Florida student Chris Walker is one of the highest ranked basketball players in college basketball, although his poor grades have led some to believe he might be ineligible to play.

What is the educational background for a basketball player?

they either went to college after hign school and got a scholarship or some players went straight into NBA after high school

Who were some of the greatest basketball players?

Michael Jordan

What are some opportunities for basketball players?

They get paid to play.

What are the qualifications of a professional basketball player?

There is no college education needed to be a professional basketball player. Although most players complete high school and enroll in college for a short time before jumping to the NBA. Overseas players must qualify for their team with whatever education requirements it has.

How do make into college basketball when you live in Australia?

You could send a tape to some colleges to see if they are interested in you. I know St. Mary's recruits a lot of Australian players.