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Two noted Christians amongst NBA players: current Orlando Magic Power Forward/Center Dwight Howard and former San Antonio Spur David Robinson (1989-2003). Howard is scheduled to start at center for the 2008 East All Stars. He also is looking to make his second consecutive appearance in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest in mid February. Robinson is likely a future Hall of Famer. He was named amongst the NBA's 50 Greatest Players, won the NBA's Most Valuable Player award for the 1994-95 season, recorded a quadruple double (10+ in four separate statistical categories), and scored 71 points on the final day of the 1993-94 regular season to boost himself ahead of Orlando's Shaquille O'Neal for the Scoring Title (29.8ppg).

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Derek fisher

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Most of them

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Q: Who are some Christian Basketball players?
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