Who are some 5' 9 nba players?

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Nate Robison

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Q: Who are some 5' 9 nba players?
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Which NBA players wear number 9?

the person who wears number 9 in the nba would be Tony Parker...

What NBA players have worn the number 9?

Tony Parker

How many nba players are 6'9 and above?

Some small forwards are 6' 9" but mainly power forward and centers are. So I would say there is an estimate of about eighty players.

What NBA team has the most NBA hall of famers?

The answer is the Boston Celtics. In fact, the 1962-63 team alone has 9 players in the HOF.

How many NBA draft No 1 overall picks have been Big Ten players?


Small basketball players who can dunk?

Nate Robinson (5 ft 9 in (1.75 m) of the Boston Celtics is the most recognized aamong active players. Spud Webb at 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m) even won the NBA slamdunk contest in 1986!

NBA players who wear the 9?

Tony Parker - San Antonio Spurs Rajon Rondo - Boston Celtics

How many players allowed on NBA playoff rosters?

For a team it depends on how many people there are on that team, example: If there is 8 people on a team, there can only be 9-15 players on a team.

Who is the smallest NBA player in history?

Muggsy Bogues was only 5'3 when he played. Chosen by the Washington Bullets with the 12th overall pick in the 1987 NBA Draft, the 5-3 Bogues is the smallest player in NBA history...One of the NBA's all-time leaders in assist-to-turnover ratio....One of the most popular and inspirational players of his era. mugsy moges was 6 foot 9

What is the best height for soccer player?

6' 3" for goalkeepers! However, some of the game's very greatest field players have been around 5' 8" or 5' 9"

How many collage basketball playes makes it to the pros?

Division 1 college has a high 20% of players that will go to NBA Divison 2 is very rare, has a low 5%. Divison 3, 1% and High School .9%.

NBA 2k9 vs NBA live 09?

Nba live live 9

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