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romalda aekins

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Q: Who are famous players of netball in Jamica?
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Famous netball players?

Natalie Von Bertouch and Natalie Medhurst are two examples of famous netball players. Others include Laura Langman, Tracey Neville, and Romelda Aiken.

How much do netball players get paid compared to rugby players?


Who is a famous newzealand player netball?

Current famous NZ Netball Players are: Casey Williams, Irene Van Dyk, Laura Langman and Maria Tuataia. NZ Netball greats, (in my opinion) are: Julie Seymour, Sandra Edge, Bernice Mene

Who is a famous Netball Leader?

netball famous leaders ?

What is 7 p in a NT short for?

7 players in a netball team

What are the records set for Netball in commonwealth games?

well there was a record set by C in jamica at the commonwelth games.................but i dont know what it was :)

Does a netball team have ten players?

No a netball team has 7 players but you can have reserves which could make up 8 - 9 - 10 or more players

Who are the 7 netball players in the Australian netball team?

I am not exactly sure but there are more than seven players including the emergency.

What is the netball made of?

netball is made of 7 players on a team the court and the umpiers

Are there boy netball players?


How many players in a netball squad?

There are 7 netball players on court at a time but there is also the coach, subs, manger and other helpers

Are netball players rich?

As netball is not a hugely popular worldwide sport most netball players are not overly rich unless they are in a very top team and play an important position in this team.