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Ronaldo,Kaka,Benzema,Xavi Alonso,

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Q: Who are all the new signings for real Madrid?
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Who are the new signings of Real Madrid for this season?

Altintop,Nuri Sahin,Jose Callejon

Where is New Madrid?

new Madrid is a city in Missouri the real Madrid is in central Spain

What number is Kaka' for Real Madrid?

Kaka has a new jersey at Real Madrid with the number being 8.

Who is the new captain of real madrid c.f?

Cristiano Ronaldo

Who is ronaldo new team?

Real Madrid For £80 million

Is the payroll of the New York Yankees bigger than Real Madrid?


Who is Real Madrid's new President?

We'll find out on June 13th

Which team is better Real Madrid or Barcelona?

Real Madrid is way better. They have players with good quality. The only reason why Barcelona has beaten real Madrid in the past years is because all the player they have, have been playing with Barcelona their whole life(messi,xavi,iniesta,puyol, etc.) which helps them improve. Real Madrid has barely bought new players. Plus most of their players are from Spain and play in the national team. P.s Barcelona beat real Madrid 5-0 because real Madrid did not have hinguain or kaka

Who are the new signings of Barcelona for this season?

Fabregas,A Sanchez

What Is Ruud van Nistelrooy's new team?

Since 2006 he has played for Real Madrid.

What hotel is real Madrid staying at in New York City?

Al-jumeirah hotel. ;)

Who is the most popular player in Real Madrid history?

Raul Gonzalez is the most famous and the most popular player in these days in Real Madrid, because he recorded a new record in which he became the all-time top-scorer for Real Madrid in La Liga and the Champions League, with 217 goals in L Liga and 61 goals in the Champions League, by the way I would like to visit the Santiago Bernabeu and watch the Classico match between Real Madrid and Barcelona gays.

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