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The forwards for the Washington Capitals are:

Nicklas Backstrom

Matt Bradley

Jason Chimera

Eric Fehr

Tomas Fleischmann

Boyd Gordon

Mike Knuble "A"

Brooks Laich

Quintin Laing

Brendan Morrison

Alex Ovechkin "C"

Alexander Semin

David Steckel

The Defensemen for the Washington Capitals are:

John Erskine

Mike Green

Shaone Morrisonn

Brian Pothier

Tom Poti "A"

Jeff Schultz

Tyler Sloan

The Goalies for the Washington Capitals are:

Michal Neuvirth

Jose Theodore

Semyon Varlamov

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Q: Who are all of the hockey players on the Washington capitals?
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Who is Scott Stevens and what does he do?

Scott Stevens is a retired ice hockey defense man. He played for the Washington Capitals, the St Louis Blues and the New Jersey Devils. Stevens is mainly known for his prowess in defending his teams - the term used is Body Checking his opponents. He has the most penalty minutes of all the players enshrined in the hockey Hall of Fame.

What is the best hockey team?

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What does the offencemen in do hockey?

There is no such position as "offenceman" in hockey, assuming you are referring to ice hockey! Some defencemen, such as Mike Green of the Washington Capitals and retired players such as Bobby Orr and Paul Coffey, are referred to as offensive , or rushing, defencemen. While their main job is to play defence, their skating and scoring skills enabled them to join the offensive play, man the points on the power play and generally help the forwards in all offensive situations.

Does Alex Ovechkin ever email you back?

>Ovechkin can be reached via regular mail at the following address: >Alexander Ovechkin >c\o Washington capitals >Verizon Center >601 F St, NW >Washington, DC 20004 According to the Washington Capitals web site, the current address for Caps fan mail is: Washington Capitals Attn: (Player's Name) 627 North Glebe Road Suite 850 Arlington, VA 22203

What happens in hockey if all players of one team are in penality box?

If all players are penalty box in hockey they would have to defeat. This would mean they would lose.

When do the Washington capitals start practicing?

They practice all year long

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Do hockey players lift weights?

Absolutely. If you are ages 14 or older, all competitive hockey players lift weights. See related links for more information.

Captain of the Washington capitals?

Brooks Laich, Nicklas Backstrom, Mike Knuble, and Troy Brouwer are all listed as assistant captains on the Washington Capitals roster. However, only two assistant captains are allowed to wear the assistant captain patch in a game. Laich and Backstrom are usually the two that sport the "A's" on their chest in Capitals' games.