Who are Bethany Hamilton brothers?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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bethnays brother are Timmy and Noah hamilton they also surf

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Q: Who are Bethany Hamilton brothers?
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Does Bethany Hamilton have any brothers or sisters?


What is Bethany Hamilton brothers names?

Noah and Timmy

WhAt is Bethany hamiltion brothers names?

noah and timmy hamilton

What are the names of Bethany Hamilton brothers?

They worked with Noah in a hotel and now they help Bethany

Who are the 3 minor characters in soul surfer?

Bethany Hamilton her brothers Timmy Hamilton and Noah Hamilton and her parents Tom and Cheri Hamilton.

Does Bethany Hamilton have brothers?

She has 2 brothers: Noah (who is 7 years older) and Timmy (who is 4 years older)

What are Bethany Hamilton's brothers like?

Noah and Timmy are kind, religious, encouraging boys who are always there for Bethany when she needs them. They are also very competitive when it comes to sports. Source(s): Bethany Hamilton's biography, Soul Surfer

What is Bethany Hamilton like?

Bethany Hamilton is a christian.

Who is Bethany Hamilton's father?

Bethany Hamilton's father is Thomas "Tom" Hamilton.

Is Bethany Hamilton related to laird hamilton?

Bethany hamilton is not related to him.

Does bethany Hamilton have a cell phone?

Bethany Hamilton does have a phone.

When was Bethany Hamilton's dad born?

Bethany Hamilton's father is Thomas "Tom" Hamilton.