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Q: Who amongst the following is the youngest man to win world heavyweight crown?
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When was AJPW Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship created?

AJPW Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship was created in 1989.

What year did Patterson Beat Moore for Heavyweight Crown?

November 30, 1956

Who was the youngest jockey to win the triple crown?

was it stephen cauthen

First light heavy weight to win heavyweight title boxing?

Michael spinks was the first reigning light heavyweight champion to move up and claim the world heavyweight title. bob fitzsimmons won the heavyweight title before winning the lt heavy crown.

In 1978 who was the youngest jockey to win the triple crown?

Steve Cauthen

Who was the 1st African American world heavyweight boxing champion?

That would be Jack Johnson, who captured the crown in 1908.

What prizefighter regained his heavyweight crown 20 years after Muhammad Ali took it away from him in 1974?

Joe Frazier Joe Frazier

What was Floyd Patterson best known for?

First olympic gold medalist to win the world heavyweight title. First to regain the heavyweight title. Most floored heavyweight champion Then-Youngest world heavyweight champion at age 21. Floyd Patterson was much maligned by many boxing aficionados for being a champion who couldn't hit that hard. That negativity was dispelled during his return match with Ingemar Johanssen, the fight that Patterson regained the heavyweight crown -- the first heavyweight champ to do so. Patterson hit Johanssen so hard with a left hook that the Swedish champ lay there motionless on the canvas for the full count except for the quivering of one foot. If you want a good idea of what a real knockout looks like, then this is the fight film you need to watch. Few afterward questioned Patterson's ability to hit hard.

Who drove for Crown Royal in NASCAR in 2013?

Crown Royal ended its sponsorship with Nascar following the 2011 season.

Who was czar Nicholas' youngest child?

The Crown Prince or Czarevich, Alexis l904-l8 died in massacre. he was a hemophiliac.

Was King Tutankhamun the youngest to rule Egypt?

Actually, the youngest ruler is considered to be Ptolemy XIV of Egypt. He was only 12 when he ascended to the crown. He was co-ruler with his older sister Cleopatra VII of Egypt.

Who was the leader of germany at the end of ww1?

The Crown Prince, following the abdication of the Kaiser.

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