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Brain Mitchell wore #30

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Q: Who all wore number 30 for the Philadelphia Eagles?
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Who all wore number 22 for the Philadelphia Eagles?

Two of the greatest offensive players in Philadelphia Eagles history have worn the number 22 -- Pro Bowl running back/kick returner Timmy Brown (1960-67) and three-time 1,000-yard running back Duce Staley (1997-2003). Pro Bowl cornerback Asante Samuel also wore number 22 for the Eagles from 2008 through 2011.

What is the Philadelphia Eagles winning percentage?

The Philadelphia Eagles have a .483 all-time winning percentage.

What is the Philadelphia Eagles all-time won-loss reocrd?

As of April 15th, 2013The Philadelphia Eagles all time regular season record is: 521-561-26The Philadelphia Eagles all time postseason record is: 19-20Combined, the Philadelphia Eagles all time record is: 540-581-26

What is the Philadelphia Eagles all-time record in Philadelphia against the Pittsburgh Steelers?

The Philadelphia Eagles have a record of 27-9-2 against the Steelers in Philadelphia.

Who wore 33 on the Philadelphia's Eagles team?

a ton of players wore #33.... here is a link to a site where you can look at them all hope it helps- Samantha

Who leads the Philadelphia Eagles all time in receiving yards?

The Philadelphia Eagles all-time leader in receiving yards is Harold Carmichael, with 8,978.

Who is Philadelphia Eagles all-time leading scorer?

As of 10/11/2008 the Philadelphia Eagles all-time leading scorer is David Akers

Which player wore number 16 for the Philadelphia Phillies?

My favorite Phillie of All Time, Don Money.

How many times did the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Philadelphia Eagles?

The Philadelphia Eagles lead the all time series 46-28-3.

How many times have the Philadelphia Eagles beat the ny jets?

The Philadelphia Eagles are 9 - 0 against the New York Jets all time.

The all time record between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Oakland Raiders?

raiders 6 eagles 3

How many times did the Philadelphia Eagles defeat the Atlanta Falcons?

the eagles only beat falcon 22 all times and atlanta beat eagles 36 all times

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