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DJL made the first dirt bike.

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Q: Who In vented the First Dirt Bike?
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Who rode the first dirt bike?

who was the first dirt bike rider

What was the first dirt bike used for?

they used the first dirt bike in ww1

Who made the first Yamaha dirt bike?

Yamaha made the first Yamaha dirt bike

What was the first trick on a dirt bike?

The first trick to be performed on a dirt bike was the wheelie, this was prior to any competition/trials.

What was the first Dirt Bike ever made?

the first dirt-bike ever made was a honda. There were bike manufatures in Europe that were making dirt type bikes before Honda was even a company.

What motor was in the first dirt bike?

motor bike

Who did the first front flip on a dirt bike?

Jim Dechamp did the world's first front flip on a dirt bike during an airing of the MTV show "Nitro Circus". It is in the Guinness Book Of World Records as the first and longest front flip on a dirt bike.

How do by a dirt bike?

Just save your money and look for a decent used bike for a first bike. There are lots of good used dirt bikes if you know what to look at when buying a bike.

What was the first dirt bike brand?


What was the first type of dirt bike?

your mother

When was the first dirt bike built?


Can you stay in first gear on a dirt bike?


Did ktm make the first enduro dirt bike?

No. In fact the Yamaha MX 80 was the first Enduro bike.

What was first dirt bike company?

it's got to be a british bike but do not know which one

Is a dirt bike or a four wheeler better?

if first on both then four wheeler because less chance of getting hurt and alot easier to ride but if rode dirt bike before then dirt bike because it can go where four wheeler cant

What cc should a 12 year old's first dirt bike be?

I had a 250cc for my first bike when i was 12, but now im 14 and got a 400cc bike.

What company made the first dirt bike?


Who was Siegfried Bettmann?

He made the first dirt bike

Who made the first ktm dirt bike?


Who invent the first Honda dirt bike?


What was James stewarts first dirt bike?


What company made the first modern dirt bike and what year did it come out?

husquavarna made the first modern dirt bike in 1968.Answerand then husquavarna called that bike a "rat with no face"

How do you start dirt bike?

First make sure the bike is in neutral and push kick start down on right side of the bike.

First to jump a dirt bike?

I believe the first to land it was Evil Knevil.

What materials was used to make the first dirt bike?

all the materails used today for dirt bikes