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Chelsea finished top of the table with 86 points, closely followed by Manchester United who finished second with 85 points.

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Chelsea F.C

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Q: Who English premire league champion this year?
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Can Arsenal take the English premire league cup?

Yes arsenal can win the e.p.L this year.

Is there an English Premier League champion this year?

There is an English Premier League Championn every year.

Who is the champion in year 2009?

The Champion league winner was Barcelona.

Where did the champions league happen?

The champion league started way back in 1950, and the only club to reach the champion league each year is Barcelona, and they will be there next year.

Which year champion league cricket started?


What year did Barcelona won the UEFA champion league?

Barcelona have won the champion league in 1994, 2006 and 2009. Barcelona is the only club to play each year in the champions league from 1950 , when it started.

When did champions start?

The champion league first started out in the year 1950, the rules have changed over the years, and Barcelona , is the only club to play in the champion league every year.

Which clubs have appeared most often in UEFA Champion's League?

Barcelona are the only club, that has appeared in every Champion league each year.

How many champion league title does Chelsea has?

1 - from this year!

When Player of the year FIFA 2009?

It will be announced after the champion league.

What year was the champions league final?

The champion league is held every year to find out the best football club in Europe for that year.

How long has there been a ufea champions league?

The U.e.F.A champion league started in the year 1950.