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If you have a pool, it is important to register. For compliance purposes, the current safety standard for the pool will depend on the validity of the certificate and the building certificate.

A pool security certificate is issued in Brisbane, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast, and Queensland by a pool safety inspector and by a construction inspector only. You will need a security inspection certificate issued by an inspector licensed by Queensland Government (QLD) if you rent, sell, or share a pool.

When the safety standards are met, a certification for pool safety is then provided. For the certification, the Pool Safety Inspector is expected to ensure that the certificate is entered in the Pool Safety Register. The inspector will provide the pool certificate if:

• Lack of pool or barriers development approval

• In compliance with the development approval of the pool or its obstacles

• Failure by the owner of the pool to pay an inspection fee or contractual dispute

In the event of non-compliance, which means that the swimming pool safety inspector is not satisfied with the safety standard compliance status of the pool, a separate form 26 is used by the pool owner within two business days of the inspection. The Pool Safety NOC indicates areas where the Pool does not comply and what to do to ensure compliance. If the owner felt aggrieved, he could proceed and appeal the decision of the pool inspector in spite of the resolution committee. The owner can lodge the appeal within 20 working days of the date of issue of Form 26.

A property owner receives a certificate of classification for a building that has a pool or land on which a regulated swimming pool exists. This serves as a safety certificate, which is one year for public pools and two years for private pools.

The validity of the classification certificate and of the construction certificate depends on whether the certificate is issued under the current standard for pool safety.

How long does a certificate for pool safety last? It's two years for a residential pool safety certificate, but you're not required to get a different certificate. All you need to do is to ensure that the Fencing of your pool remains compliant. If you are going to sell or lease your property in the future, you really only need to get a new pool safety certificate.

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Q: Who is in charge of the safety of swimming pools?
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