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Q: Whivh football club is called the gunners?
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Arsenal football club nickname?

The nickname for arsenal is The gunners.

What is Arsenal Football club also know as?

The gunners are the best team in the world

Why are arsenal football club called the gunners?

In the early days of the FA, Arsenal were playing at, or had an association with Woolwich Arsenal who manufactured guns and ammunition. Hence The Gunners. Ken PS. I was a real gunner in the Royal Artillery!

What is the most famous English football club?

Arsenal!! Gunners have the fame all over the world. They rule the world.

What is name of Chelsea football club?

Chelsea Football Club is called Chelsea Football club.

Which football club does karoo sponsor?

Karoo does sponsor the football club called Hull.

Why is arsenal cal the gunners?

Because Arsenal FC started out as an Arsenal in Woolwich ( South East London) where they make weapons. This is why we are called the gunners and have a cannon as our symbol The club was founded by workers at a Royal Arsenal in Woolwich.

Which football team are called the canaries?

Norwich City Football Club

Which football club are called pompey?


Is there a football club called Czech republic?


Why is Arsenal named Arsenal?

Arsenal Football Club is called Arsenal because of "Arsenal" which basically means an establishment for the construction of weapon and ammunition storage, which links with weapons making "The Gunners" a suitable nickname. It was previously called different names such as Dial Square and Woolwhich Arsenal.

What is the name of lavington panthers soccer club called?

Melrose football club

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