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1821 1992

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Q: Which years were the two England olympics held?
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Where is the 2012 Olympic Games in London?

There was no Olympics in 2011. The Summer Olympics are held every four years and the Winter Olympics are held every four years. However, there is an Olympics held every other year because the Summer Olympics and the Winter Olympics are held two years apart in alternating even-numbered years. However, there was a Special Olympics held in 2011. The 2011 Special Olympics World Summer Games was held in Athens, Greece from June 25 to July 4, 2011.

Are the Olympics held every year?

No. they are held every two years in alternatives. they have winter olympics, then two years later summer olympics, then back to winter two years later.

Where is the Olympics being held?

The London Olympics are being held at Newham east London!

Where will the Olympics be held in the next three years?

The Summer Olympics are held once every Four years, and the Winter Olympics are held at two year intervals between the summer sessions, on even numbered years.

Why is the Olympics held every two years?

They are held every 4 years, not every 2 years

Does the winter Olympics come every 4or 2 years?

The Winter Olympics is held every four years, just like the Summer Olympics. Since 1988 they have been held two years after the previous Summer Olympics date. Prior to that time, they were held in the same year as the Summer Olympics was held.

How many years did they not do the Olympics?

Olympiads were not held in the years of World Wars I and Two.

When Olympics were not held?

They weren't held during the years of World War one and two.

What year were the modern day Olympics held?

Your question is very vague. . There are two Olympics - Summer sports and Winter sports. The games for these are held 4 years apart but the Winter games comes 2 years after the Summer Games. The last winter Olympics was in 2010, held in Vancouver Canada. The last summer Olympics was in 2008, held in Beijing China. We are currently holding the 2012 summer Olympics in London England. We will hold the next 2014 winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Was winter Olympics ever held at two year interval?

Yes, in 1992 and 1994. Up to 1992, the Winter Olympics and Summer Olympics were held in the same year. The International Olympic Committee decided to split the Winter and Summer Games by two years in the hopes of getting more attention for the Games since they would be held two years apart instead of in the same year. To do this, they scheduled the Winter Olympics for 1994, two years after the 1992 Winter Olympics and kept the Summer Olympics scheduled for 1996, four years after the 1992 Summer Olympics. 1992 and 1994 is the only time the Winter Olympics were held two years apart.

How many years between the olympic games?

In two years, the Winter Olympics will be held. The Summer Olympics, held this year, are scheduled again four years from now. Each repeats every four years, offset from the other by two years.

In 2011 were will the winter Olympics be held?

There isn't a winter Olympics held every year, just every four years. In four years, 2014, the winter Olympics will be held in Russia. The summer Olympics are in two years, 2012, in London.