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Q: Which year did London hosted the olympic games for the first time?
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Will London be the first city to host three Olympic games?

No, London has already hosted three Olympic Games. It hosted the games in 1908, 1948, and 2012. So it is not the first city to achieve this feat.

Did London have the Olympics held at London 1908?

Yes, 1908 was the first time London hosted the Olympic Games.

Who hosted the 1908 Olympic games?

1908 and 1948 London Olympic Games - Historically the UK has hosted the Olympic Games twice. The fist time was the 1908 London Olympic GamesThere were no Olympics in 2006. They take place every 4 years.

Which city hosted the first modern olympic games?

Athens, Greece in 1896.

Where are the next Summer Olympic games scheduled to be hosted?

London, this summer.

What was the country that hosted the Olympic Games in 1908?

London, Great Britain

What was the country that hosted the Olympic Games in 2012?

London, Great Britain

What country hosted the 1996 summer olympic games?

london england

What city has hosted the most modern olympic games?

London. (London: 1908, 1948, 2012).

What city in England has hosted the olympics games more than once?

In 2012, London will have hosted the Olympic Games 3 times.

How many London olymipics in London?

London has hosted the Olympic Games on three occasions: 1908, 1948 and 2012.

Why is London special this year?

London was special in 2012 because it hosted the London 2012 Olympic and Paralymic Games.