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Hornswoggle the son of Finlay or maybe the son of Vince who knows

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โˆ™ 2010-05-16 14:50:30
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Q: Which wrestle lives under the ring?
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What do they do on Wheel of Fortune if there is a tie after the bonus round?

They go in a ring and mud wrestle if they are women and if they are male they arm wrestle.

What does WWE superstars do in the ring?

They will either wrestle or talk about something.

What do sumo wrestlers wrestle on?

They wrestle on a clay platform. It is carefully constructed with strong boxes and straw under the clay.

How do you make a small wrestling ring for three people to wrestle in it?

You shouldn't be making a ring, because you shouldn't be trying what professional wrestelers do.

How can you purchase wrestle mania?

ring up foxtell and tell them want you want on main event then they will ask you a couple of details than they will simpley give wrestle mania to you

Why does under taker fight in WWE?

because he feels like it so deal if don't want him to wrestle then go find out where he lives and tell him to stop but he'll beat you up

What name did AJ Styles wrestle under?

Mr. Olympia

How do you win a Ipad under 18 years old?

Wrestle a friend for it

Will Shawn Michaels beat The Undertaker at wrestle mania?

Shawn Micheal's want to end under takers streak because he is mister wrestle-mania and he was in the first wrestle mania that's why he is so obsessed to beat him and he will beat him with his sweetchin music at wrestle-mania 26 and win

Why aren't women allowed to sumo wrestle?

Women are allowed to sumo wrestle but they can only compete at the amateur level. Women are not allowed to touch the sumo wrestling ring or enter professional sumo competition. This is due to the belief that women touching the wrestling ring will make the dohyo not pure.

What is under a wrestling ring?

Under the wrestling ring is weapons

Will the under taker wrestle in summer slam?

sort of he will appear in summerslam 2010 but then.....

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