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Mark Boucher of South Africa with 499 catches.

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2011-10-31 09:55:41
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Q: Which wicket keeper has taken most catches in the Test Cricekt?
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Who is leading Wicket keeper who has taken the highest catches in history of cricket?

Gilchrist is the wicket keeper with most number of catches numbering 379.

Which wicket keeper has taken most catches in test cricket?

Mark Boucher (South Africa).

Which non wicket keeper has taken most catches in world cup cricket?

anil kumble

Which non wicket keeper has taken most of the catches in world cup cricket?

adam gillichrist

Which Indian wicketkeeper has taken the most catches in One Day Internationals?

The greatest number of catches taken by an Indian wicket-keeper in One-Day Internationals is 178, by Mahendra Singh Dhoni - though this figure is likely to increase, as Dhoni is still continuing his One Day International career as of 2011.

Which wicket keeper holds the record for most taken wickets Stumped?

Adam gilchrist from australiya

If a batsman misses a delivery that is taken cleanly by the wicketkeeper can the batsman score a run?

yes. technically the batsmen can score a run if the wicket keeper is slow enough and/or he is far away from the wickets and the batsmen are quick. so if the batsmen misses the ball and he doesnt get bowled and he doesnt hit it and the wicket keeper catches it cleanly the batsmen can run and if in the extremely rare case that they make it, it will be classed as a 'bye'. does this answer your answer? if not, please email me at

Responsibilities of a wicket keeper in game of cricket?

The most common dismissal effected by the keeper is for him to catch a ball that has nicked the batsman's bat, called an edge, before it bounces. Sometimes the keeper is also in the best position to catch a ball which has been hit high in the air. More catches are taken by wicket-keepers than by any other fielding position.The keeper can stump the batsman by using the ball to remove the bails from the stumps, if the batsman has come out of his creaseduring a delivery.When the ball is hit into the outfield, the keeper moves close to the stumps to catch the return throw from a fielder and, if possible, torun out a batsman.He must prevent giving the opponent team runs in the form of byes

Who is the latest bowler taken hat-trick wicket?

Peter Siddle is the latest bowler taken hat-trick wicket.

What is a wicket in the game Cricket?

Wicket also refers to the event of a batsman getting out. The batsman is said to have lost his wicket. If dismissed by a bowler, the bowler is said to have taken his wicket. The number of wickets taken is the primary measure of a bowler's ability.

Who is the ony bowler to have taken two 5 wicket hauls at Kochi wicket hauls at?

Shane warne

Who has taken the maximum number of catches in World Cup matches?

Ricky Ponting has taken maximum catches.He has taken 28 catches.

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