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The guardian site in the UK has a today's fixtures section that is in reference to football. It can be found in the football section on their website, which can be found through a simple search.

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Q: Which website has a Today's Fixtures section in reference to football?
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Where could one check online the Football Premiership fixtures?

Premier League's online website is one place where a person could check online for the Football Premiership fixtures. BBC's website is another place where this information can be found.

When is Barcelona's next football game?

See their website below for dates and times of their upcoming fixtures.

Where can one purchase Westham fixtures?

Tickets for West Ham fixtures can be bought online via the official website of the West Ham United Football Club. Also tickets for a complete season can be ordered on this website.

Where can one purchase Epl Fixtures?

EPL Fixtures can be purchased at most major sports related websites or stores. Some of these locations would be the official website of the football team one likes or a website like Amazon.

Where can one get tonight's football results?

You can get tonight's football results online from the scores section of the ESPN website. Once on the page, click on the "NFL" section to bring up the results for football.

Where can you find a rooter for the 1981 New England Patriots?

The Pro Football Reference website and the Football Database have full rosters.

What is a good football boot website?

See 'Related Links' section below.

Where can one go to purchase wholesale store fixtures?

There are many companies who sell store fixtures at the wholesale level. For example wholesale store fixtures can be purchased from the Home Base website or from the Puckett Store fixtures website.

Where can one find more information about upcoming Manchester United fixtures?

The official website for Manchester United, Manutd, has all of the available fixtures and results for the team. They are also listed in The Daily Post and The Sun in their sports supplement section.

When does the apertura Argentina 2009 begins?

It starts at the weekend of 16th August. (see website of Argentinian Football Association) Does anybody know when the fixtures will be published?

Where can you view fixtures for the NFL online?

One can view fixtures for the NFL online via the official NFL website. One can also visit the website of individual NFL teams in order to see information on their fixtures.

What does the website Sunderland FC offer?

The website for the Sunderland FC offers News about the Football club. It has the entire list of the club's fixtures and results, information about its players and staff, rules for membership and how to buy tickets for its games.

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