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you need an nvidia geforce graphics card to play pes will not work in Intel motherboard chiipsets

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 14:03:21
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Q: Which video card is needed for playing pes 2008?
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What criteria affect how much video RAM is needed for a video card to hold one frame buffer?

The screen resolution(in pixels), the number of colors, and the enhancements to the color information affect how much video RAM is needed for a video card. Pg 389 of A+ Guide to managing your pc, 6th edition.

What criteria affect how much video video ram is needed for a video card to hold on frame buffer?

the screen resolution, the number of colors and the enhancements to color information.

What is a good video game card or external video game card for playing World of Warcraft that's no more than 300 dollars I'd mostly like for you to tell me a good external video game card?

You can buy it in Best Buy for about 80 dollars.AnswerI suggest Ultimate game card

What is the difference from a discrete video card and an integrated video card?

An integrated video card is "integrated" into the motherboard. That means the motherboard has a video card built in. A "discrete" video card means that you have a separate video card, one that typically plugs in to one of the expansion slots.

What graphics card is needed to run high end video games?

The best card from your preferred manufacturer. ATI and nVidia are the most popular makers.

What can you upgrade an AGP video card to?

You can upgrade an AGP video card to any other AGP video card.

Should you use an S Video port to connect a capture card to a computer?

No, you should use a bus to connect a capture card to a computer. If you're asking if you should use the S-video port to connect the video device playing the video you want to capture to the card... sure, it's one option, and if your capture card and video device support S-video, it's likely to result in a higher-quality image than using the composite video port will.

What is a video card used in an apple computer?

Nvivia video card.

Card that converts computer output into a video signal?

Video Card

Why the need to download drivers in games like c9?

games need updated drivers for the video cards and sound cards so you can have the best experience playing the games. some times you have to buy a newer video card and/or sound card to get the best experience playing the games.

Which graphic driver is needed for 1.7ghz512ram Intel processor 4?

We cannot help with your problem because there is not enough information. If you want some help you have to provide the motherboard full name if the case when you have an integrated video adapter or the video card name if you have a dedicated video card.

Internet doesn't work because you need a video card you don't have it what do you do?

A video card is needed for graphical purposes. Most motherboards have cards built into the circuitry. If you can run your operating system, and see it, then you don't 'NEED' a video card. You do not require a graphics card in order to run an internet browser. That is unless the website you are trying to visit requires one, such as

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