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it will take place in the whole of china where the racers will cycle more than 130km

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Q: Which venue will cycling take place in the Beijing Olympics?
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Where will the cycling events take place in London 2012?

Cycling Track Venue Velodrome / Cycling Road Venue The Mall Hampton Court Palace / Cycling Mountain Bike Venue Hadleigh Farm / Cycling BMX Venue BMX Track

What country was the Olympics in 2008?

The Chinese capital of Beijing was the venue for the games.

Where is the venue for archery in Beijing Olympics?

The archery competition at the 2008 Olympics will be held at the Beijing Olympic Green Archery Field. The field seats 5,000 and the dates of competition will be August 9 - 15. Click on the 'Beijing Olympic Green Archery Field' link below to see pictures of the venue from the Beijing Olympics website.

Where is the next venue of Olympics?

The 2016 Olympics will take place in Rio and the 2018 winter Olympics will take place in South Korea.

When will the Olympics be held in Australia?

In the past, they have been held in Sydney. After 2008 Beijing Olympics, next venue is London. Its still not known when Australia will get another chance of hosting olympics.

Where is the 2012 Olympics taken place?

London 34 Venue

What kind of potted flowers are used in 2.5 running track at the Beijing Olympics in the Triathalon Venue?

Midnight blooming daisy's

When Calgary held the winter Olympics where did the events take place?

Calgary host the Olympics in 1988 and events were held in venue in or around Calgary.

Where is the Olympics venue 2012?


Who chooses the venue for the Olympics?

the ioc

How do they select the next Olympics venue?

they have a vote to see which venue they are going to use

Where did 2012 Olympics held?

34 Venue

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