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There are many such instances when this has happened. It is difficult ( not impossible) to get the records. Something like this can happen only in a rain/weather affected games where the team looses 1-2 wkts and the game is washed out. One such instance is in a game all the decisions have been given by Umpire Titchmarsh.

This situation has never happened in a game when we have had result.

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Q: Which umpire has given all discisions in a test match?
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What did Sunil Gavaskar ask umpire Dickie Bird to do when his hair was troubling him while batting in a test match?

He requested the umpire to cut his hair, which Bird did.

Why is ricky ponting famous?

for acting as an umpire in the test match against India to give out ganguly.

Is ricky ponting famous?

for acting as an umpire in the test match against India to give out ganguly.

Who is the second batsman to be given run out by third umpire?

The second batsman to be given 'run out' by the Third Umpire was Kepler Wessels of South Africa, on the third day of the second test in the South Africa v India series of 1992-1993. The exact date was Saturday 28th November 1992. Wessels was, like Sachin Tendulkar (the first batsmen to be given 'run out' by the Third Umpire) given out on 11. Kepler Wessels was the first South African to be given out by the Third Umpire.

Who was the first batsman to be given out 'obstructing the field' in test match cricket?

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Who was the very first victim of the third umpire in 1993?

Sachin Tendulkar was the unfortunate batsman to first be given 'out' by the third umpire. Tendulkar was run out for 11 on the second day of the Test, which was on the 14th November 1992. The TV umpires were Karl Liebenberg and Cyril Mitchley.

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