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turf grass

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Q: Which type of grass makes a soccer ball bounce higher?
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What surface makes a tennis ball bounce higher?


What would be a good conclution for a project what ball will bounce higher?

i learned that golf balls have a little bit of weight, less than a bouncy ball witch makes them bounce higher.

If you store tennis balls at a warm temperature will it affect the rebound?

Yes it will effect the rebound height. It tends to bounce higher in a warm temperature because the molecules speed up and strike the inner core more and faster so this makes it bounce higher!

Are you more likely to have a higher heart rate when your sleeping or playing soccer?

Sleeping, that's when your heart is the slowest too. Soccer makes it elevate rapidly.

How many parking spaces should a single official soccer field need?

None. No one should be parking on a soccer field. It tears up the grass and generally makes the players angry at the obstacle.

What makes cows eat more grass?

Moisture content of the grass and the quality. The higher a feed or forage is in moisture content, the more that feed or forage will be consumed by a cow.

Does heat change the bounce of a ball?

Yes, heat can affect the bounce of a ball. When a ball is heated, its material may become more elastic, causing it to bounce higher. However, excessive heat can also soften the material, reducing the bounce.

What makes a baseball bounce?

Very basic physics.

What makes a stress ball bounce?

the foam of the ball

What is the thing that makes a rubber ball bounce?

The elasticity of the rubber material allows it to store energy upon impact and then release it quickly, causing the ball to bounce. This elasticity allows the rubber molecules to deform and then return to their original shape, creating the bouncing motion.

What makes a golf ball bounce high?

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Does a ball bounce better on cold days?

No, it would bounce better on warm days because heat makes things exspand and cold makes thing shrink